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Our full-service development team works on a wide range of projects as both in-house and contract work.  

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Predevelopment Management

During the predevelopment stage, our team begins the entitlement process in order to get the plot ready for the construction phase. This process includes reviewing environmental factors, working with the project's civil engineers and general contractors, and meeting with county and city personnel.

Our predevelopment team will finish off the process by gaining approvals and permits and hand the project on to our Construction management team. 


Construction Management

During the construction phase, we put to work all the plans we made in the entitlement phase.  Our team will work alongside the general contractor to make sure all work is done by the approved civil plans.  They will assist in coordinating earthwork, utility installation, and other large milestones of the project. 

It is during the construction phase that roads are paved, amenities come to life, and we begin to see a community take shape.



Post Oak- Terrel, TX

Acres- 266

Lots- 1,029


Buffalo Creek- Cleburne, TX

Acres- 98

Lots- 400


Water Oaks- Brookshire, TX

Acres- 255

Lots- 870


Piney Woods- Crosby, TX

Acres- 104

Lots- 407


Risinger Ridge- Ferris, TX

Acres- 300

Lots- 1,025

Developed Properties

Pine Acre Trails, MHC

Pine Acre Trails is a 2 stage mobile home community developed by Affinal in Conroe, Texas. This property will have approximately 830 lots upon completion of both stages. Both, Affinal's entitlement and development for this property have only taken approximately two years in total to complete.

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Deacon Baldy's 

Deacon Baldy's is a food truck park and bar in Magnolia, TX. This local favorite was one of the first properties Affinal developed, and we currently manage the property. From the open-concept barn to the turf and child play areas Deacon Baldy's was designed to be a place that brings people together. 

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